High Frequency Division.


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The new division iMD, a member of the Company INDUCTION s.r.l. offers to all those working in the field of welded metal pipe its collaboration capabilities directed to the following applications and services:

  • High Frequency Generators for induction / contacts welding;
  • Medium Frequency Generators for heat treatments;
  • In-line systems for weld seams annealing;
  • Systems for the total annealing of welded tubes (by air or under controlled atmosphere);
  • Heating systems for pipes painting and / or polyethylene coating;
  • Systems for pre-post heating of tubes or part of tubes;
  • Technical assistance for your welding / annealing equipment;
  • Supply of mechanical, electrical and electronic spare parts with delivery time compatible with your real needs;
  • Revamping activities on the existing equipment for the replacement of obsolete components, that are no longer available on the market;
  • Refurbishment / repair of wearing parts, such as High Frequency transformers, inductors, inductors holder arms, etc.;
  • Proposals for innovative solutions designed to achive the increasing of the production capacity of your existing plants.
  • Maintenance program;
  • Training session for your production / maintenance personnel (at the customer facility or in our factory);
  • Customized technical consulting.

Technical solutions:

  • Last generation H.F. MOSFET converters;
  • IGBT H.F. converters;
  • Vacuum tube H.F. oscillators.

Ranges of rated operating frequency:

  • Rated frequency in the range between 150 and 900 kHz;
  • Adjustable frequency with ratio 1:1,3 or 1:2.

Weldable materials by induction process (inductors multi and mono-turn):

  • Carbon steel, cold/hot rolled with low, medium, high strength grade;
  • Galvanized carbon steel (zinc coated, aluminized);
  • Austenitic stainless steel AISI 300 series;
  • Ferritic stainless steel AISI 400 series;
  • Aluminum and its main derived alloys (ergal);
  • Copper, Brass.

Weldable materials by contact process (sliding contacts):

  • Carbon steel, hot rolled with medium, high strength grade;
  • External diameter range from 4″ to 24″;
  • Wall thickness from 6 to 16mm.


  • Demineralized water closed loop cooling unit;
  • High pressure pump for forced cooling of the multi-coil inductors;
  • Table supporting the welding head with manual or motorized adjustment;
  • Multipurpose terminal arm accepting either multi-coil or single-coil inductors;
  • Programmable automatic power control in relation to the speed of the line;
  • Continuous output frequency changing system or by predetermined steps;
  • Process supervision system, with self-learning of the working parameters set and active editable recipes called from a dedicated database, which allow you to repeat the working conditions previously set fully automatically;
  • Temperature control of the process with optical pyrometer.
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