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  • induction heater 5000Kw

  • induction heater for steel billets, forno ad induzione per riscaldo acciaio

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  • revolver induction heater, stampaggio bombole

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The use of induction furnaces for heating material that must undergo subsequent deformation by hot pressing, is now a consolidated practice that offers great advantages with respect to traditional heating systems such as gas furnaces, resistance or radiant panels furnaces, etc. Induction is one of the world’s largest producers of induction systems for hot working, and thanks to its specific long-term experience in the sector, it has been capable of introducing its standard products in different fields of application for specific production lines. The investments made by Induction each year in the development of new technologies and new models bring to innovative high quality products that are appreciated world-wide. The great advantage in the pressing sector, where the heating process for work material is required continuously, is the total absence of pre and post operation downtimes. Other advantages include rapid reaction times to any temperature variation, rigorous reproducibility of operation parameters, easy automation of the entire line, easy adaptability to the different production needs of presses, hammers, forging machines, etc. The electrical power required by the induction system depends on production needs, on the temperature, and on the cross-section and the type of material being heated. With regards to this last aspect, we would like to emphasize that furnaces can be built for any metallic material ( ferrous or non ferrous ) and of any cross-section ( circular, squared, tubular, flat, etc. ).
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