The reliability, speed and precision of completely automated systems makes induction heating an irreplaceable process for a variety of industrial applications, allowing low-cost, high-quality production in a clean environment.

Induction, thanks to over thirty years of experience in induction heating in the most diverse industrial processes, is able to guarantee the main characteristics of these applications:


  • Minimum losses when idle
  • Low system start-up and stopping times
  • Average system efficiency of 98%
  • High heating power density per unit of volume


  • Drastic reduction or total elimination of superficial oxidation and burning of edges
  • Complete elimination of gas and harmful heat radiations


  • Easy to control, uniform and constant temperatures
  • Repetitiveness of the heating process
  • Possibility of immediate system reaction to temperature variations
  • Recording and reproducibility of working conditions


  • Extremely low installation costs
  • Insignificant maintenance costs
  • Great adaptability to different job types


  • Machine reliability over time
  • Easy integration in process automation
  • Reduction of heating time during operation
  • Simplicity and promptness when changing operation conditions
  • Adaptability to existing automation

High Quality

  • For casting furnaces, excellent mixing of casting elements and alloys is guaranteed
  • For hardening processes, there is absolute understanding of hardening thickness
  • For applications in the atmosphere, the superficial oxidation process is eliminated
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