Thanks to its expertise and skills, INDUCTION is able to provide automatized solutions for all the ancillary processes of the induction heating plants.
Through the continuous research and development activity, the company is capable to study, design and supply “turn-key” solutions, which integrates automatized robotic systems to the heating installations.

Particularly, INDUCTION has recently successfully developed and installed a loading system fully automatized, as new and reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical loaders for the induction furnaces.
The system, to our knowledge the first realized for these kind of applications, is constituted by an AUTOMATIC ROBOT which through a 3D VISION SYSTEM is able to run all the necessary operations for the loading of the billets to the induction furnace.

The solution, integrated to a last-generation 1.500 kW M-SYS induction furnace for the steel hot forging process, opens new scenarios and possibilities for the management of the plants loading processes, proving again that INDUCTION is a company at the forefront in the applications of induction heating technologies.

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