Project Description

    Inductors set for induction heating plants
    Design, reparation and construcion of heating coils
    Induction heating plant and coils set for tubes industry
    Inductors set for hot rolling plant
    Multi-diameter heating coil for coating
    Inductors set for induction heating plant
    Heating in continuous for hot rolling processes
    Double coils set for induction heating plant for tubes industry
    Heating coils set for coating
    Partial heating for heat treatments
    Pancake inductor for special applications
    Induction heating plant for metals hot forging
    Inductors set for induction heating plant
    Induction heating plant for coating with pancake heating coil

    It is the component that’s directly in contact with the heated material, and therefore can be easily associated to the classic idea of a furnace. The inductors created by Induction guarantee the best performance regarding heating quality. They fully comply with project specifications, and also accomplish mechanical support and anti-collision functions for refractory material, containment functions for atmospheric gases, or special solutions to satisfy specific needs. Experience, along with the use of specific calculation software, allows to design quality inductors with different shapes, dimensions and characteristics, responding to specific needs and different applications.

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